Importance of the Ascendant, Its Lord, and the Significator Sun for the Well Being of the Native

Ascendant (lagna) and lord thereof, together with the Sun, are critical signs that lend power to the local. If there may be an exalted planet inside the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant itself is exalted, or the Sun is exalted, or the exalted Sun is aspecting the ascendant lord, then ascendant becomes effective how do I become a lord.

Similarly if the ascendant lord or the ascendant is hemmed in among natural benefics, or the seventh residence is hemmed in among two herbal benefics, the ascendant will become strengthened. If the lord of the signal in which lagna lord is posited is acquires dignity by manner of being in exaltation or placement in angles or both, this additionally beneficial to the ascendant. An exalted planet aspecting lagna additionally strengthens it.

Presence of the Sun in the tenth is likewise useful to the local.

It need to be stated that if the lagna lord is in the 6th, eighth, or twelfth houses, the local either does now not rise excessive inside the lifestyles or a amazing deal of attempt will bring modest rise.

Lagna lord’s placement in these 3 (trik) lean houses will enhance the indication of these homes however will pollute the ascendant lord itself. The cause is that lagna is both an angular and trinal residence; for this reason, it is definitely benefic to the native. It is only in the case of Libra ascendant that the presence of Venus inside the first house-that’s in any other case high-quality-curtails the durability of the local, due to the fact for a Libra native Venus, except being the lord of the primary house is likewise the lord of the 8th (Taurus) residence, which is the maximum inauspicious house among the 3 ‘trik’ houses, as it inflicts death while the best time of the native arrives. The presence of the 8th house lord inside the first residence or ascendant harms the local’s durability.

The Sun, besides being the significator of the first house, is likewise the significator of the 9th house i.E. The house of luck. In astrology the presence of a planet inside the house whose significator it takes place to be, reasons damage to the possibilities of that residence. Hence, the presence of The Sun in the ascendant or the ninth homes isn’t always accurate. Its presence in the lagna makes the frame skinny and sickly, the native reports an early balding of hair, and his eyes emerge as weak faster than others, and it even reasons night time blindness.

The presence of the lagna lord with the Sun specially inside the 10th or 11th houses makes the man or woman pretty successful in the life.

Presence of the Sun, significator of ascendant, within the seventh residence, is ideal for the ascendant, however awful for the seventh residence indication i.E. It causes separation or divorce from the spouse.

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